Emergency or Urgent?

Emergency or Urgent?

  • Preparing An Emergency Evacuation Plan For A Pediatric Hospital Unit

    Whether your hospital faces severe weather or an emergency that requires you to evacuate your patients, having an evacuation plan is key to keeping everyone safe. Evacuating younger patients can be challenging, but with a few preparations, your staff and your young patients can make their way to safety in an emergency. Here are just a few things to consider as you prepare your hospital for a possible emergency situation.

  • 4 Myths And Facts About Walk-In Clinics

    Do you need to visit the doctor, but you don't have a primary care physician? Are you trying to decide whether to pick a name at random from your insurance company's authorized providers or to visit the emergency room? Because of various myths or misconceptions, walk in clinics may be overlooked by people who require medical attention. Here are some rumors you may have heard before, as well as the truth behind them:

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Emergency or Urgent?

As a parent, I notice that my kids always seem to get sick or injured on the weekends and evenings, never when the doctor's office is actually open. When that happens, you're left wondering: is the fever serious enough for the emergency room, or can it wait until morning? Does that sprain require immediate treatment, or should I just bring them to the doctor on Monday? Now, however, there's a new option in my area: urgent care. If I don't think we need the emergency room, but also can't wait for the doctor's office to open, urgent care is the in-between option that allows us to get fast treatment at a lower cost than your average ER visit. Take a look through this blog to find out more about emergency and urgent care and how to tell which one you need.